What Is WhatsApp And It’s Uses

     What Is WhatsApp And It’s Uses

The most popular mobile app to exchange messages with people who have spent money on their mobile phones without SMS – Whats up Today millions of people around the world are using it, and whether any other app is downloaded on any mobile or not, this app is definitely the first download and installed.
Whatsapp is “what is going on in Hindi, can you speak too” Whatsapp has completely changed the old way of sending and receiving messages or say it is a revolutionary mobile software.
In this you will find mobile data, WiFi There is no other fee, so many messages, photos, videos, documents, audio messages and free phone calls can be used.
This app is available for many other phones including Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia, these can be used for communication between any type of phone.

How to download whatsapp

Whatsup’s mobile app is totally free and you can download this mobile app by visiting the following list on your mobile: https://www.whatsapp.com/dl/
After downloading it, install it, you will be prompted to enter and verify your mobile number at the time of installation. When entering mobile number, enter your country again, 10 digit mobile number.

Different uses of Whatsapp

Let’s know what works, which can be used for the phone after downloading WhatsApp (Whatsapp).
1. To send and receive text messages: The first thing you used to do with SMS, you can do the same job without any additional SMS charges with the help of WhatsApp.
2. Send and receive photos and videos: With WhatsApp, you can share your photos and videos in your contacts and groups and get it from others.
3. Send and receive a document:  Through this app, you can share not only text, photos and videos, but also document files, so you can easily exchange files easily without using email.
4. Send a contact to another friend from your mobile: If someone asks you for a number, now there is no need to SMS the number, any number you can share via WhatsApp also with any other contact from your mobile.
5. Send your location 
Where are you now?  
 People often need to send the location of their current location to others, who can send their location to anyone with WhatsApp, so that they can easily reach you.
6. Send and receive audio messages If you want to send a message by speaking to someone, you can easily send and receive audio in WhatsAppSpace.
For this, go to that person or group in Whipspace and record the audio by pressing the “microphone” icon and leaving your audio message.
7. Make Free Phone Call: If you have good internet data connection or WiFi. And the person you want to call is also connected to the good internet, so you can make free calls via WhatsApp.
8. Whatsapp Group Chat: Join groups and create your: group Through WhatsApp, you can create a group of your mobile contacts and send messages, photos, videos and other content to a lot of people and group chat too.
9. Use Whatsapp on your computer browser: from the Whatsapp Web site When you work on a computer, you do not have to use mobile again and again to use WhatsApp, you can use the Whatsapp web for it.
For this:
•Visit this link in your computer:
•Here you will see the QR code
•Click on “Settings> WhatsApp Web” in your mobile
Scan the above QR code from mobile to browser
This will open your WhatsApp app in your computer browser, so you will be able to use whatsapp through the web.
Hope you have found these useful uses of WhatsApp, let us know the lesson, thank you.


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