What Is Twitter And How Twitter Runs

        What Is Twitter And How Twitter Runs

Many people in our country know that there is something called twitter because they get the name of this name as well as on Twitter. But he does not know what Twitter is and how he walks. So today’s post is for those who want to know about Twitter.
As we mentioned, everyone knew the name of the twitter because it often gets heard that the celebrity has said this by tweeting or that the celebrity’s tweet has got lost, such news channels usually hear it.
That’s why people think that Twitter is just for celebrity use. But it is not so because any person in the world can use it by creating a Twitter account. After reading this post today, join Twitter Account, you will find the answer to every question.


What is twitter

Twitter is a Social Networking Website, just like Facebook that you can use to connect with the people on it. Twitter is used by all the famous people of the country and the world.
Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006. After that, its popularity has soared so far so far. Twitter is one of the world’s popular websites. The process of sharing information on Twitter is called tweet.
Tweet means you can use only 140 words at a time to share any information and have to fulfill your point in the same words, however you can tweet as much as you want.
With Twitter you can learn every day about all the topics that are discussed in most of the country and the world, and you can also keep your opinions on the subject. Twitter’s main job is that people have issues Reveal your thoughts on.
One of Twitter’s special things is that you can read Tweets made by people without creating a Twitter account, but what are your opinions about it and whether you are related to it, etc., so you need a Twitter account, so you have Must have Twitter account.

How to create a Twitter account

If you know how to create an account on Facebook, it is not very difficult to create an account on Twitter. Because accounting on Twitter is like Facebook.
You can use Chrome Browser or Twitter App in mobile to create an account on Twitter. Because today everyone has a Smartphone, so we use Twitter App to create a Twitter account. So let’s know how to create a Twitter account.
First you have to install the Twitter App by clicking the Google Play Store or below button
Download App
As soon as the Twitter app opens, you have to click on Get Started and enter your name and mobile number and click on the Next button.
Now after clicking on the sign up button you need to add OTP to verify your mobile number and click on the Next button.
Now select the password for your Twitter account and click on the Next button, select the categories of your choice and click on the Next button again.
Twitter account can be created. It is a very easy task, it only takes 4-5 minutes. After creating a Twitter account, now talk about the basic things of Twitter.

Twitter’s Basic Things Info

Before using Twitter, you need to know the basics of Twitter so that you can learn about Twitter well and run Twitter. If you use Facebook and Instagram, then you will be aware of things like Like, Comment and Share.
In the same way on Twitter you should be aware of many such things as
1. Twitter user name (@)
2. Tweets
4. Followers and Following
5. HashTag (#)
•Twitter user name (@)
On Twitter you get to see the sign of At The Rate (@) before every user name. After creating your Twitter account it automatically takes you to your name.
Whenever you write or post something on Twitter, it is called Tweet, which has a limit, in which you have to use 140 words.
It’s like sharing exactly when you like someone’s Tweet so you can retweets him. By doing so, the Tweet starts appearing on your timeline, which it reaches to people who follow you.
•Followers and Following
On Twitter you get a follow button on every user’s profile. After clicking on this button, you get information about every user of that user. People who come to your profile and click on the follow button, they are your followers and when you go to someone’s profile and click on the button, it means that you follow it.
•HashTag (#)
HashTag (#) must have heard the name of it, it is used to post on Post on Twitter, and those using the same HashTag (#), it works like a group in which people discuss that topic . Anyone using this hashtag can join this discussion.

How to play twitter account

Twitter account is very easy to run, which can be used by anybody using Smartphone, so let’s understand how Twitter account is run with regards to Twitter App.
1. Home
When you open the Twitter app, first you see the Home button on which you see Tweets of all those people who you follow.
2. Search
Using this search button, you can
search anything on Twitter and you can search by Twitter’s Twitter account by searching for it to join us on Twitter, id then click on it.
3. Notification Bell
Here you get all kinds of notifications like someone follows you, retweets Tweets, etc.
4. Message Request
After clicking on this button, you get to see all the messages that have been sent to you.
5. Tweets Button
After clicking on this button you can tweet on your Twitter account and share your thoughts.
So friends can learn to follow Twitter by following all the steps mentioned above. I hope that after reading this post, you may have understood what Twitter is and how the Twitter account runs. If you like our post, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any questions tell us through Commen and rate [ratings]


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