Install Free WordPress In Google Cloud

As we know that hosting a website to the best platform is very important step for your website. Because there is a so many things are important for website which is totally dependent on website hosting and if you searching a WordPress hosting by google then yes google is also providing a powerful hosting in Google Cloud  through which you can easily install free WordPress in google cloud and there is a one more big offer for every customer they can use 1 year free hosting by google cloud through google cloud 300$ credit which is google cloud give to every new user.

But After 1 year or if you want to use google cloud for more than their limit so there is some cost for wordpress hosting like 5$-25$ per month for your single site. Through our experience we are spend 4.50$ per month for our single WordPress hosting on Google Cloud.

How The Monthly Bill Of WordPress Hosting Google Cloud Generate :

  1. Compute Engine
  2. Bandwidth Network
  3. Persistent Disk
  4. Cloud DNS

This is a four main source through which the developer charges their monthly cost of google cloud hosting and this four source of uses increase the cost of hosting will also increase and the average hosting charges of WordPress google cloud is around between 5-10$ max.

Install Free WordPress In Google Cloud:

  • 1. Install WordPress On Google Cloud

There is a so many video on youtube go through it and you will help you to able to install WordPress hosting on Google Cloud.

  • 2. Configure A Domain Name

Before installing WordPress you have to configure your DNS nameservers for connecting your domain direct to google cloud.

  • 3. Assign A Static IP Address

After installing a successful WordPress website you have to assign a static IP for your website performance and for your website ip address.

  • 4. Import A Website

It is a optional thing if you are shifting your site from another hosting provider to Cloud Hosting then you have to import your data from previous website to new WordPress website.

  • 5. Install SSL Certificate

It is optional but for your website security and for your website performance you have to need to install SSL certificate int your free WordPress google cloud hosting website. Because google can also accept first ssl certificate website than other websites which not install any SSL certificate.

So I hope guy’s you will able to understand all about google cloud hosting and how to install free WordPress in google cloud.

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