How To Do Hindi Typing In Mobile | Typing keyboard App

How To Do Hindi Typing In Mobile | Typing keyboard App

Do you know that you can type in Hindi from your mobile. It is very easy but many people do not know about it. So today we are going to give you complete information about how to do hindi typing from android mobile.

In India, so many languages   are spoken. But the only language of india is Hindi. Which is spoken not only in india but also in many countries. Every person loves his language very much and today even on internet you get every information in Hindi.

In today’s time everyone likes chatting on social media like facebook, whatsapp and instagram. But a lot of people prefer typing from hindi keyborad to hindi. Because it sounds good to write in Hindi. But many people can not do this due to lack of information about hindi typing.

But typing from mobile keyborad in Hindi is very easy job. If you use android mobile, then you can type hindi using this app. With the help of this app you can type facebook, whatsapp and typing hindi everywhere. So let us know about this app and you can use hindi typing in some way.

What is the Google Indic Keyboard app? 

The name of this app is Google Indic Keyboard which is made by google. This is a great app that you can type in hindi. You get a lot of features in the Google Indic app. Which makes this app more special.

With the Google Indic app you can write in many languages. This app has been downloaded by 100 millions people from google play store. The logo that is typing in Hindi is the most used for this app. For this you have to first download and install it from google play store and then have to set it after which you can start typing hindi.

Google Indic Keyboard Feature

As we told you that you get lots of features in the Google index app. Which help you in typing in hindi. So let’s know about the feature of google index app that you can easily do hindi typing.

-You can also write it in hindi by speaking with hindi typing.
-You can type in many languages.
-You get many keyboard designs in it.
-It automatically gets a spelling correct feature. -It shows you the auto suggestion word side by side.
-You also get chating stickers.
-You can write in Hindi from english keyboard. -You are given options of both English and english.

How to do Hindi typing in the Google Indic app

First install google indic keyboard app from google play store or click the “download this app” button below.

Download App

Once you open the google indic of the app, then click the Select input method button.

After this you see some options. Select the google indic keyboard.

As soon as you select google indic keyboard, you are ready to type in hindi. And now you can write in hindi.

After doing all these settings in Google index keyboard, you can start writing in Hindi from your mobile. Now let us tell you about how to write facebook and whatsapp etc. in Hindi.

How to write in Hindi on WhatsApp and Facebook

– First of all open your whatsapp or facebook.

-As you type with keyboard, you can see the keyboard as shown in the above photo.

-It gives you two options. For an “abc” ie the English typing and the other for “a” Hindi typing.

-If you want to type in english then click on the “abc” option and then typed and if you want to type in Hindi then click on “A” option and type in hindi.

-It has to be written from english to hindi Like Namaste – Hello this works like this.

So friends can do this by typing hindi in your mobile. It is very easy that you can write anytime in Hindi. Like Facebook, whatsapp and typing in all the places can be done. So friends, I hope you like this post. If this is helpful and useful to you, then share it with your friends who like to write in English.


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