How To Do Download YouTube Video On Your Android Phone

How To Do Download YouTube Video On Your Android Phone

How To Download Youtube Video This question often comes in the minds of people who like to watch videos on youtube. People have gotten to watch a video on Youtube after the arrival of Reliance Jio in India. Because after the arrival of Reliance Jio, Planco is getting an internet facility in very cheap prices.
Not only is the reliance jio offered to the Plance with good offers, but the rest of the company also bring new offers every day. So now let us come to our topic and know how to download youtube video.

How to do download YouTube video

When we watch a video on Youtube, there are so many videos that we want to share with our friends or save in our phone. For that we have to save that video in our phone.
But there is no such feature in youtube that we can download youtube video with help, there is nothing to worry about in your phone’s memory and gallery.
Today, we are going to tell you about two such methods, we will tell you about a method whose help you can download youtube videos without downloading any application.

And will also tell you about a way in which you have to download an app, with the help of which you can download any video of youtube in minutes. After reading this post, you will never ask how to download youtube video. So let’s know about those 2 ways.

How to download youtube video without application

First of all, we are going to tell you how you can download youtube video without downloading any applications. Because many people want to download youtube video.
But he also wants them to have no application to download any of these. Because the RAM of Ram and Rom is less due to the hang of it, the probleam starts coming. In that condtions you can use this method.

♦ You will need google chrome to download youtube video without any application, which is usually easily found in everyone’s smartphone.

♦ First of all you have to open youtube in google chorme. And then click on the YouTube video you want to download.
♦ After clicking on Video you can go to www in the URL of it at the top of google chorme. You have to edit it and you have to search it after typing ss on it.
♦ As soon as you search, a windown is open as shown above. After this, select the quality of the yotube video you want to download and your video will start downloading.
In this way you can download any youtube video without any software / application. This is a very easy way to download video from youtube.
But if you do not want to follow this method. And if you want to download youtube video with the help of any apps, we will tell you about an app that will help you to download youtube video and also make posture so let’s know about it.

How to Youtube video download by Apps

First of all, you will have to download an app called Tubemate. This app works just like youtube but you can download it youtube video with great help. You can download this app by searching on google or by clicking the install button below you can download it.

♦After downloading and installing the Tubemate app, select the youtube video you want to download.
♦After selecting Video, click the download button at the top of the tubemate.
♦After clicking on the Download button, a new windown opens, in which you select the quality of youtube video download. And then your youtube video will start to download very fast.
So friends hope you can download any youtube video in one click in terms of tubemate apps in one click. Now you can understand how youtube video is downloaded. If you liked our post, then share it with everyone and tell them not to comment and tell us by comment.



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