How To Create A New Facebook Account

      How To Create A New Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world. And in today’s time there are very few people who do not use facebook. Everyone has their own facebook account on facebook today. From 15 year olds to 65 year old people, you get to see easily on facebook.
This is because Facebook is not only important for entertainment, but if you want to expand your business, then Facebook account is very important to you.
If you want to create a facebook account for business purpose on facebook and sell your servies and product, then facebook can be very beneficial for you. Because many people earn millions of dollars by selling their servies and products through facebook.
For this you are given facebook page and facebook group two types of features. With their help, you can create your facebook page and gruop with the name of your compnay or shop. And sell your servies and product easily.
It’s absolutely free. You do not have to pay any money for this, however, if you want to advertise your servies and product then you have to pay some money for it.
So friends, if you want to create a new facebook account and create your own facebook account and want to step into the world of facebook, then read our post once more because we will give you new facebook account creation step by step mobile. To learn is to do. So let’s move forward.

Create New Facebook Account

Firstly type in google and search.
When you reach facebook home then you see the create account button, click on it as shown below.
After clicking on Create account, enter your name and sure name, then click on Next.
Now enter your birthday date and then click Next.
Step- 5
Now you have to enter your mobile number and if you want to enter an email address instead of the mobile number, then click on the sign up with email address at the bottom of the next button. Enter the Gmail address and click on the Next button.

When you enter a mobile number and an email id, remember one thing that comes with a password (OTP) that creates your facebook account only after entering it. So enter your own mobile number and email id.
When you enter one by entering the mobile number and email id, then select it when you ask your gender.

Now enter your facebook account’s new password and click on sign up.

Once you click on sign up, your facebook account is ready to be created. Just enter the password that is given on your mobile number or email id. Enter it and your facebook account is created.
Now Facebook will ask you to add your photo, then you have to set your facebook profile by clicking on add picture.


Facebook Important Features

♦ You can connect with any person in the world on Facebook. If he exists on facebook.
♦ Put photo, video and status on Facebook. And felling can share with your friends.
♦ You can like and comment on someone’s photo on Facebook. And can express your feelings.
♦ Now you can share your location on facebook in the new feature now on Facebook. Or share your location while sharing the photo.
♦ You can use facebook app or facebook messenger to make Facebook more fast and convenient.
♦ With Facebook messenger you can also do internet calling or video calling.
♦ You can do business with facebook and grow business. For this you can use facebook page and facebook group.
So friends, you can easily create your facebook account by following these steps. Before stepping into the facebook world, we want to give you some ideas. If you take care of these suggestions then you will not face any kind of problem in future on facebook. So read these things carefully to one.

Facebook rules and regulations

♦ Do not share your facebook account password with anyone.
♦ Do not put adult picture and video on your facebook, so your facebook account can be deleted. And you can be prosecuted.
♦Never slander anyone’s photo and stauts on Facebook and do not make bad comments. You can get it in some big trouble.
♦Never share your personal details with anyone on Facebook.
If you have any problem in making facebook account or you want to know more about facebook, then write us in comment.


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