Types Of Application Software In 2020

Application software is a term used for softwares that are designed to do a specific job. It is generally a program or collection of programs that is used by end users. By the way, you can also call it an application or simply an app. If seen, all other software which is not system software and programming software, you can call them application software.

Types Of Application Software

By the way, there are many types of Application Softwares, but here below I have told about some important types. So let’s know about them.

1. Application Suite: It consists of multiple applications bundled together. In which related functions, features and user interfaces interact with each other.

2. Enterprise Software: It fulfills the needs of an organization and there is data flow in a huge distributed environment.

3. Enterprise Infrastructure Software: It provides capabilities that are needed to support enterprise software systems.

4. Information Worker Software: It addresses the individual needs to manage and create information within departments for all individual projects.

5. Content Access Software: It is used to access content and to address any published digital content and entertainment.

6. Educational Software: It provides such content which is needed for the use of students.

7. Media Development Software: It generates and prints such electronic media that is needed by the individual to consume.

Types Of Application Software
Types Of Application Software

Categorization of Application Software and System Software

To better understand both Application Software and System Softwares, it is very important to categorize them properly. So let’s categorize them one by one.

As we already know that the application software is designed to perform the same task. In such a situation, there are many different application software using different level of language such as:

1) Word processing software

This is a tool that is used to create letters, word sheets, type papers etc.
Eg: MS Word, MS Works, AppleWorks

2) Spreadsheet Software

There is a tool that is used to compute number intensive problems like forecasting, budgeting etc.
Eg: MS Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Works

3) Desktop Publishing Software

This tool is used for illustrative worksheets, banners, newsletters, signs, gift cards etc.
Eg: MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe PageMaker

4) Database Software

It is used to store data such as text information, memberships, address etc. This helps the users to sort the information correctly.
Eg: MS Access, FileMaker Pro

5) Communication Software

This software allows connected computers to communicate with each other for which they use audio, video or chat-based medium. Eg: MS Net Meeting, IRC, ICQ

6) Presentation Software

It is used to make multimedia stacks of cards / screens.
Eg: MS Powerpoint, Hyper Studio, Flash, Super Card, HyperCard

7) Internet Browsers

Using this tool, a user surfs into the web, can read their emails and can also create web pages simultaneously.
Eg: Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer

8) Email Programs

These software are mainly used to send and receive emails.
Eg: MS Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, AOL Browser

As the number of technology and users are evolving, the application software also keeps changing and better modifications are brought to them so that they can solve real-world problems.